Real Property Tax Services

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Notice of Demand for PILOT Under RPTL Section 487

Tax Tips for Property Owners

  • To provide assessment services to all taxing jurisdictions in Jefferson County.
  • To provide technical and professional assistance to other county departments, governments and school districts.
  • To assist the taxpayers/public in any phase of real property tax administration.
  • To maintain annually tax maps (except City of Watertown).
  • To assist local assessors with data collection and valuation of complex properties.
  • To work with ORPTS (Office of Real Property Tax Services) and other counties on proposed or new legislation, rules and regulations.
  • To promote and maintain assessment equity in Jefferson County.
  • To maintain E911 Addresses

Types of Services and Assistance


  • Assist local assessors in orientation and training
  • To provide orientation and training for members of Boards of Assessment Review. Coordinate all required training with ORPTS.
  • To assist local assessors in completion of annual reports and other forms as required. To package and timely distribute various tax roll forms ( i.e., compliant forms, correction of errors forms, oaths, board of review changes).
  • To provide research for technical and legal questions for local officials as well as update and distribute information on new legislation.
  • Assist local assessors in small claims hearings, equalization rate hearings.
    Coordinate and edit all assessment roll changes and the submission of requests for special equalization rates.
  • Work with all collectors in tax roll preparation (i.e., stuffers, bills, lists, etc.).
  • Send required items/forms to ORPTS on timely basis (i.e., tax rolls, equalization reports, sales).
  • Prepare and submit reports to Clerk of Board of Legislators regarding mortgage tax distribution, special franchise, footings of clerk, etc.
  • Coordinate and add to tax rolls (and include in local budgets) omitted taxes, prorated taxes, roll back taxes, special district re-levies.
  • Prepare, complete and distribute town tax rolls and tax bills. Forward utility and State-owned land tax bills to treasurer and County land tax bills to auditor.
  • Assist local officials in pilot impact, analysis and negotiations.

Tax Mapping

  • To maintain and timely update tax maps (except City of Watertown) for towns and villages.
  • To provide technical expertise to local officials, other County Departments, and the public on the maps, mapping problems and other tax map matters.


  • To assist local assessors in on-going data collection. To record and monitor building permits as a source of maintenance and quality control.
  • To develop land value maps, neighborhood delineation, unit structure and improvement costs.
  • To coordinate and assist in field review in update towns.
  • To value commercial properties for local assessors.
  • To coordinate all value changes and modify exemptions as needed.
  • To hold public hearings and do needed follow up field work.
  • Coordinate any related activities with ORPTS.

E911 Addressing

  • To maintain the E911 addressing database for all towns and three villages.
  • To reconcile addressing problems and assist public in related items.
  • Provide liaison with utilities and in particular telephone companies.
  • To continually improve the present maintenance system.