Code Enforcement

Jason M. Crump, Director

Jefferson Code Fire Prevention and Building Code Department

175 Arsenal Street
Watertown, NY 13601

Telephone: (315) 785-5130
Fax: (315) 785-5131

E-Mail Address:

Office Hours: September - June 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
July - August 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The service objective of the Code Office is to provide adequate enforcement of the International Building Code with NYS Enhancements to meet health and safety goals. Proper enforcement of the Code protects property and encourages quality development that enhances public safety and the economy of the County.

Department Staff

  • Cody Higgins, Senior Code Enforcement Officer
  • Kody Heukrath, Code Enforcement Officer
  • Jeremy Howard, Code Enforcement Officer
  • Derek Weaver, Asst Code Enforcement Officer
  • Jenna Roberts, Asst Code Enforcement Officer/Lead Paint Inspector
  • Sherry Delaney, Senior Account Clerk

Programs & Services

The County currently enforces the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code in 27 municipalities that chose not to enforce the Code at the local level. The Department employs Code Enforcement Officers and clerical staff to ensure that new construction and areas of public assembly conform to the provisions of the State Uniform Code. Proper enforcement of the Code protects property and encourages quality development that enhances public safety and the economy of the County. The office's two major program responsibilities include existing and new building permit administration (i.e: plan review, issuing permits, construction inspections and issuing certificates of occupancy) and mandated fire safety inspections.

Fort Drum has had a dramatic impact on the Code Office. The Department anticipates that new off-base commercial and residential development will continue to grow. Any increase in development activity will result in a corresponding increase in permit and inspection load for the Code Enforcement Office.


  1. A Jefferson County Uniform Code Building Permit is required for:
    1. most types of new residential and commercial construction including alterations, conversions and renovations to existing structures.
    2. the installation of all mobile and modular units, all wood stoves - fireplaces and inserts, all heating units, all pools, all electrical work and the installation of all septic systems.
    3. most demolition projects.
  2. To obtain the required Permit, fill out all the information required on the Permit Application and Construction Specification Forms (available at Town and Village Offices and at the Code Enforcement Office, 175 Arsenal Street, Watertown, NY 13601).
  3. Deliver or mail the completed Application Form, Construction Specifications Form, along with your plot plan, construction plans and a copy of your local Zoning Permit to Jefferson County Fire Prevention and Building Code Office at 175 Arsenal Street, Watertown, N.Y. 13601, Phone No. 785-5130. There it will be checked for completeness by your inspector who will then bill you for your permit fee.
  4. Once your permit fee payment is received your application will be processed. Permit fee checks should be made out to Jefferson County. When your application is approved by the County Code Enforcement Officer, a Building Permit will be issued by the County and you may begin construction.
  5. Once your Permit has been issued and construction has begun, your inspector will make periodic inspections at your site to inspect the work as it progresses. It is your responsibility to notify your inspector at (315) 785-5130 when you are ready for an inspection at the intervals specified on the Building Permit.
  6. When construction of your project is complete and the work is given final approval by the County Code Enforcement Officer, the County will then issue a Certificate of Occupancy or a Compliance Certificate ending the Building Permit Process. Allow for a ten day processing period between the final inspection and the issuance of the Certificate.


  1. The following information is required from all Applicants before a Building Permit can be issued:
    1. Completed and signed Application Form and Construction Questionnaire Form.
    2. A copy of your local Town or Village Zoning Permit showing Tax Map Number for Parcel where construction is proposed,
    3. The location (in detail) of your proposed project - 911 address and road name (P.O. Boxes and or Route Numbers are not adequate),
    4. A Site Plan showing the proposed location of the structure with distances to lot lines, septic system and or well (if applicable) and any other structures existing or proposed on your site,
    5. A footer and foundation plan detailing depth below grade of footer, base, size of and materials used, reinforcement, drainage system (i.e. tile pipe), water proofing method to be used and back fill,
    6. Floor plan of each level showing exterior dimensions, room sizes, door and window locations, electrical layout, heating system layout, and a plumbing layout showing both the supply and waste lines (the type and size of materials to be used is to be shown),
    7. Framing details of the floors, walls, door and window headers, ceilings and roof showing the size and type of materials to be used, ctr. to ctr. spacing, spans and type of roof (truss - rafters, etc.),
    8. Door and window schedule detailing type, size and header information.
    9. Interior finish schedule showing floor, wall and ceiling coverings to be used (i.e. carpet, paneling on sheet rock or sheet rock painted),
    10. Exterior finish schedule showing the siding and roofing materials proposed.
    11. Insulation schedule showing type of insulation, R-Values, and location (i.e. floor, sidewalks, ceiling).
  2. In addition to the above, some projects will require the following:
    1. An Architect or Engineer's Stamp (i.e. all Residential Projects over 1,500 sq. ft. and all Commercial Projects.)
    2. Engineered Septic Plans if a new system is to be installed,
    3. Engineered details and specifications on all Fire Alarm Systems, Sprinkler and or Standpipe Systems and Special Fire Suppression Systems.
    4. Workers Compensation Certificate of Insurance or Exemption from NYS Workers Compensation Board.

If you require the assistance obtaining a building permit, please consult the map below for the appropriate contact information:



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