The Purchasing Department is responsible for the purchase of materials, supplies, and services for all Jefferson County Departments with the objective of obtaining quality products and services for the best price, in a timely manner.

In addition to procurement services the Purchasing Department has been designated the custodian of the County's Fixed Asset System and is also responsible for the tracking and disposal of all County owned Surplus Assets.

Through the Central Printing & Mail Division, we provide complete Duplicating & Printing Services, as well as Courier Services, Supply, Delivery, and US and interoffice mail deliveries.

Purchasing is responsible for initiating and maintaining professional relationships with Vendors and County Employees, and to serve as the exclusive channel through which requests for County Purchases and price quotations are handled.

Suppliers and those interested in doing business with the County are encouraged to review the Vendor Handbook and Ethics Policy, which outline the Policies and Procedures that are applicable when doing business with the County.

We hope you find this Website useful, and we welcome your suggestions and comments.

Mike Bagley, Director