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Brian M. Mooney Sarah A. Yount
Director Assistant Director

22915 County Route 190
Watertown NY 13601

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Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
Email: Brian M. Mooney: bmooney@co.jefferson.ny.us

           Sarah A. Yount : syount@co.jefferson.ny.us

Department Objectives:

The objective of the Weights and Measures Department is to ensure 'Equity in the Marketplace'. This remains the departments primary objective through the education, monitoring of activities, and the enforcement of the Agriculture and Markets Laws, rules and regulations of the State of New York. The uniform enforcement of these laws, protects consumers and businesses from unfair and deceptive practices and helps to create a level playing field for all. This continual oversight of commercial businesses assures the consumers of Jefferson County, a fair and accurate disclosure of the measure and value of products which they purchase.

Types Of Services, Assistance:

At least once per year, all commercially used weighing and measuring devices are inspected and tested for both accuracy and proper operation. Certified weights and measuring devices (Standards) are used during these inspections in accordance with New York State Weights and Measures Law.

Device Testing: Visit stores, markets, warehouses, gas stations, marinas, manufacturing and other commercial establishments to test and verify the accuracy and proper use of weighing and measuring devices such as computing, pre-pack, hopper, prescription and vehicle scales, petroleum pumps and meters, linear measure devices and timing devices.

Commodity Inspections: Weigh, measure and inspect packaged commodities to determine their accuracy and proper labeling practices as required by NYS and Federal Laws.

Petroleum Sampling: Purchase random samples of gasoline and diesel fuel to be tested for proper octane and cetane levels and other fuel quality standards as required by NYS law at commercial petroleum facilities as well as wholesale petroleum users during summer months as required by Federal EPA regulations.

Milk Tank Calibrations: Farm milk tanks are calibrated when installed or moved and recalibrated whenever requested by producer or receiver.

Consumer Complaints: Respond to consumer complaints by investigation and  testing of equipment in question as the occasion demands.

Price Verification: Check scanner systems for proper operation and that prices are properly entered and maintained as required by NYS Article 16-Section 197-b.

Non-Commercial Device Testing: When requested, as time permits, test devices at hospitals, clinics, schools, doctors offices and local, state and federal agencies.

Record Maintenance: Maintain database and hard copy records of all establishments and commercial weighing and measuring devices and inspection reports.

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