District Attorney

Kristyna S. Mills, District Attorney
175 Arsenal Street
Watertown, New York 13601
Telephone: (315) 785-3053
Facsimile: (315) 785-3371

Office Hours : 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (July - August)
Night Courts as Required

Departmental Description
The District Attorney is selected by the County electorate for four year terms. The powers of this elected office are drawn from the New York State County Law (Sections 700 and following), Criminal Procedure Law and Penal Law. The District Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of all violations of state law occurring within the boundaries of Jefferson County. Currently this includes but is not limited to the prosecution of violations of the New York State Penal, Alcoholic Beverage Control, Agriculture and Markets, Social Services, Vehicle and Traffic, Parks and Recreation, Navigation, Tax and Environmental Conservation Laws. The office currently delegates prosecution of municipal ordinances to the municipalities’ attorneys, and shares jurisdiction over prosecution of members of the military who violate the above referenced laws with military authorities.
Attorneys are assigned prosecution duties based on the geographical jurisdiction where the incident occurred, the type of crime alleged and further based on his or her level of prosecutorial experience. Assistant District Attorneys are assigned to prosecute all misdemeanor, violation and traffic offense cases being heard in specific Town and Village Justice Courts and Watertown City Court. Felony cases to be prosecuted in Jefferson County Court are assigned to individual attorneys based largely on experience, ability and familiarity or specialization in particular prosecution areas.
The legal staff of the District Attorney’s Office also prosecutes the various post-conviction motions and appeals filed by defendants in the appellate courts. These post-conviction prosecutions include the preparation and filing of documents in, and personal appearances for appellate arguments in Jefferson County Court, the Appellate Division, Fourth Department in Rochester, New York and the Court of Appeals in Albany, New York.

 Staff Members of the District Attorney’s Office 


 Chief Assistant District Attorney 
Patricia L. Dziuba

 Senior Assistant District Attorney 
Nicole L. Kyle

Nolan Pitkin

 Assistant District Attorneys 
Rodney W. Kyle

Erik Barron

Hailey Pooler

Morgan Mayer

David Ladd

David Guiterrez

Andrew Logan

  Support Staff  

 Maryann B. Delaney  , Confidential Secretary to the District Attorney

 Sarah Foster McKoy , Senior Secretary

Sara Abbott , Typist

 Shelley Crossman  Typist

 Melinda Whalen  , Typist

 Desiree LaDuke , Typist

  Investigative Staff  
 James Romano  , Chief Investigator
 James Staub  , Investigator, Welfare Fraud
 Jerry D. Golden/Jamie McNitt  , Investigator, Drug Task Force