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Home health care provides multiple in-home services such as nursing, home health aides, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical social worker, registered dietitian and case management in the Watertown NY area and throughout Jefferson County.

24 hour on-call nurse to address patient issues, take referrals and provide guidance.

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Accepted from all sources.  Jefferson County Public Health Service's Home Care Referral form may be obtained  here .  If the client being referred has Medicare, then a Face to Face Encounter form is required.  This form may be obtained here  .  A sample Face to Face Encounter form can be found here .  Guidance on completion of the Face to Face Encounter form is available here .


Jefferson County residents.

We have Expert Teams that offer quality care in your home:

ELDER CARE  - Professional staff can provide direction and education regarding available services within the community as well as provide coordinated home-based services such as nursing and therapy services and home health aides. The services help people live independently in their own home.  Our services can also prevent hospitalizations and prevent nursing home placement while the patient remains in the comfort of their own relaxed setting.

MOM AND BABY CARE  - healthcare for women while they are pregnant, after birth and for the baby. Whether you are a first time parent or need extra help we have a team of registered nurses and other providers to assist you and your family in your own home.

BREATHING DISORDERS (COPD, Pneumonia, Asthma)  - shortness of breath or uncomfortable breathing impacts your activities of daily living and can be the result of many different diseases.  The nurses and therapists can help you or your loved one take control and live an active, productive life.  The services will enhance the understanding of the overall condition and progress.

HEART DISEASES (Congestive Heart Failure)  - the nurses can evaluate you within your home and develop a personalized plan of care with your physician to help you manage your heart disease and prevent complications. Nurses will provide education on your disease process to prevent complications and teach you about signs/symptoms that require contact with medical providers.

SURGICAL CARE  - recovery after a surgical procedure (for example on a hip or knee) can be facilitated by having professional staff and certified home health aides work together as a team to provide services. Services may include wound care, assessment and education on how to prevent post-surgical complications.

DIABETES (SUGAR)  - professional staff can help to overcome the challenges of being a diabetic and enhance the management of diabetes with home visits.  Patients learn how to test their sugar, administer insulin, and manage their glucose levels.

STROKE  - professional therapists within the home can help restore physical, emotional and mental function and promote recovery from a stroke or “mini stroke”.

To obtain additional information about Home Health Care please access Home Care Association of New York at:  http://www.hca-nys.org/

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Patient and family information on being prepared for emergencies.