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Welcome to The WorkPlace Online!  These links and sites offer you a more convenient way to access employment related resources. With 24/7 access to virtual content, we strive to give you more ways to be successful in your job search!  



Job Links Want a quick list of places to look for work? Here it is!

 New York Job Bank:
 Civil Service Jobs:
 Federal Jobs:
 Samaritan Medical Center:
 Carthage Area Hospital:
 River Hospital:

Click here for our full list of employment and training websites!

NY State Unemployment Eligibility & How to File

Click the link below for information about NYS Unemployment benefits, if you are eligible & how to apply! 

Online Videos & Presentations 

Here are some of our favorite Online Workshops to assist you in your Job Search! Check back soon as we will be adding more workshops in the near future!


Resume Basics: What is a Resume is less than 11 minutes long and covers what a resume really is, why you need one, and what the two preferred formats are for our area.


Resume Basics: The Chronological Resume is a 16 minute long video that covers this specific resume format.  The chronological resume is still the #1 preferred resume format for our area.


Resume Basics: The Functional Resume is a 16 minute long video that covers this specific resume format.  The functional resume is the second most common resume format & is great for people who have gaps in their employment, are just starting their career or are changing careers.



Additional Videos We Recommend!

Interview Preparation Guide

Kaye/Bassman International Search Process

(10 minutes)

This is a great interview preparation video that covers the main topics most people will hear during an interview.  It is well worth watching, re-watching & taking notes on what is said!


NYS Department of Labor

This online platform lets you practice interviewing before your actual interview.  The site gives you the option of choosing multiple common interviews, or targeting it to more of what you think your interview will be like.  

O*Net OnLine

PA CareerLink, Lehigh Valley 

(21 minutes)

O*Net is a great tool for career exploration, interview research & content for your resume.  LeHigh Valley does a great job showing how to get the most out of this resource.

Resume 101

PA CareerLink, Lehigh Valley 

(58 minutes)

While this video is longer, there is a ton of great information included!  It's well worth investing the time to watch! 

Informational Packets

Interviewing Packet

Resume Packet

Additional Resources


JobZone - A no-cost, interactive resource developed by the New York State Department of Labor to help adults manage their careers. The tool provides password protected storage of career research and job search documentation. JobZone is a tool for examining career interests and skills, creating customized resumes and cover letters and tracking job search activity.


Crosswalks - Are you a military member getting ready to retire or ETS and needing to translate your military experience into a civilian job?  This is the place to start!  Crosswalks let's you enter your MOS and then gives you jobs that match your experiences and talents.  It also helps you translate what you've done into terms that non-military can easily understand.   


CareerZone - An innovative, online career exploration and planning system designed especially for today's high-tech youth in New York State. CareerZone presents current and relevant occupational and labor market information in a clear and interesting way, making career exploration and planning fun and easy.