Business Services

Business Services

The WorkPlace is a convenient connection point for services that are good for business.  Did you know that all of our services are free of charge?  Take advantage of what we have to offer your business!

  • Advertising Your Jobs & Job Matching
  • Open Recruitments at The WorkPlace
  • On-the-Job Training Program
  • Annual Jefferson-Lewis Job Fair

Advertising Your Jobs & Job Matching 

Do you have an open position that you’d like to advertise?  We can post your job openings on the NYS Job Bank.  As always, this service is at no cost to the employer!  We also match your openings to customers in our database.  If we have a customer who is a good fit for the job, we send them the info on the job & tell them how to apply!  Below is our Job Order Form, which can be emailed or faxed to The WorkPlace.   

Job Order Form

Open Recruitments at The Work Place

We can assist you with holding open recruitments on our premises.  This gives you the opportunity to interview multiple candidates without disrupting your daily operations.  We take care of all the advertising for the event, and will send an email blast to all of our active customers letting them know when you will be interviewing and for what positions! 

On-the-Job Training Program

On-the-Job Training (OJT) is a wage reimbursement program for the training of eligible new hires.  If your business and the new employee qualifies, you are eligible to be reimbursed for 50% of the employee’s wages during their training phase*.


What is On-the-Job Training?

The OJT program is designed to help unemployed and underemployed people improve their situation in the workforce, while giving businesses a financial incentive to hire and train them in full-time skilled or semi-skilled occupations.


How it Works!

There are several types of OJT programs, with each one having different guidelines.  In general, an OJT program will require that a business:

  • Agrees to hire & train workers in a skilled or semi-skilled occupation
  • Have a physical location in New York State (profit or nonprofit)
  • Offers positions in full-time employment (30+ hours per week)
  • Provides wages of at least $.50 above minimum wage, not including commission, tips or bonuses
  • Completes training within a 6-month period
  • Participants need to be vetted by The WorkPlace before they start work

If you meet the above requirements, The WorkPlace will reimburse the business for up to 50% of the base wages while the worker is in the training phase (up to the financial limit allowed for the specific program).  

Annual Jefferson-Lewis Job Fairs

Every spring and fall we hold our annual job fairs at the Hilton Garden Inn, Watertown.  These events are great opportunities for you to meet with many qualified candidates and is, of course, FREE!  Our only requirement is that you must have at least one job opening posted to the NYS Job Bank.  

If you would like more information on any of the services we offer, please contact us at the information below.

  Sara Booth
  Jefferson County DET
  Business Services Rep.
  Aaron Peck
  NYS Dept. of Labor 
  Business Services Rep.

  Michael Casselman
  NYS Dept. of Labor
  Local Veteran's Employment Rep

If you are a business in Lewis County, please click here to be directed to our office in Lowville.