Youth and Young Adult Services

The Youth & Young Adult Programs are available for those under the age of 25 
(if you are eligible)  

Our Year-Round program runs continuously, 
while our Summer program runs from July to August

For an application, please click here!


The application period for the 2024 Summer Youth Employment Program has closed, but you can still submit an application for the waiting list. Click the bold, green text below to go right to the application. 

Youth Employment Program Application

The application process does NOT secure a position in the program.  Applicants must qualify and be ready and able to work.  Each applicant must also attend a mandatory Orientation session, which will be scheduled in May and June.  Applicants will be notified of the date, time and location of the Orientation once they are scheduled.  
During Orientation, the applicant is required to bring in: original working papers, current photo ID, social security card or birth certificate, and proof of your qualification for SYEP (Medicaid insurance card, proof of receiving public assistance and/or proof of income).  The WorkPlace staff will notify applicants of what documentation is required for Orientation Day. Please be sure to answer phone calls or return messages (voicemail) from WorkPlace staff in a timely manner.  

Scroll further down this page to find more information on how to obtain your original working papers. 
Applications can be submitted by email to or by regular mail. 

You can also drop them off at The WorkPlace either at the front desk if we're open, or in the white mailbox on the right side of the entrance if we're closed.  

This program is separate from the Summer Youth Employment Program.  Young adults between ages 14-24 may apply for this program. 

The application for this program can be found here:

Youth Employment Program Application

The WIOA Work Experience Program provides temporary job placement and subsidized income for a period of time.  Many participants have gone on to work in unsubsidized employment and will remain at the worksite that they have been placed in!  Applicants must qualify for this program by answering "Yes" to one of the questions below:.

  1. Is the applicant a high school dropout?
  2. Has the applicant ever been detained, arrested, or have any involvement with the criminal justice system?
  3. Is the applicant homeless?
  4. Has the applicant ever been in the foster care system and/or aged out of the system?
  5. Is the applicant pregnant and/or already has a child/children?
  6. Does the applicant have a documented learning, emotional or physical disability?


Click on the links below to learn more about your personality and career interests!

GPS For Success - Explore Career Clusters with examples of businesses right here in Jefferson County!

Jefferson Community College Career Assessment - Jefferson Community College's Career Coach provides a real time assessment of career options based on your level of interest in specific functions.

Who Am I? - Personality is what makes you unique! The better you know yourself, the better choices you will make in regards to your career.

University of Missouri's Career Interest Game - This activity is designed to help match your interests and skills with similar careers.


If you are under age 18, you need working papers in order to have a job in New York State. Please contact the guidance office of the school district you live in to schedule an appointment to fill out an application and provide documentation to the guidance counselor. You will also need to have a physical or provide proof that you have had a physical within the last year. If calling during the summer.

For ages 14 & 15, BLUE working papers are required.  For ages 16 & 17, GREEN working papers are required. For ages 16 & 17 who are not in school, PEACH or TAN working papers are required.

Please visit the links below to your school district for further information on guidance counselors. During summer vacation, contact the main office of your school district for any questions on working papers.


Know Your Rights- A great resource put together by the NYS Department of Labor for young workers (and employers) to learn about labor laws for minors. There are also some helpful tips, and more information about working papers.



The Jefferson County Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office is located at 175 Arsenal St. in Watertown. Many transactions, such as applying for a driver's permit, can be done online. However, some transactions must be completed in person and/or by a parent/guardian. 

You can go to the NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles website for online transactions. Here are some helpful links:

Get Your Learner Permit and First Driver License-  A comprehensive guide on what you need to get your permit/license.

DMV Document Guide- Build your list of documents you will need to bring to the DMV with you.

There is a fee in applying for your ID. The cost of the fee varies based on your age and what type of ID you are applying for. 

If you are under age 21 and seeking a Non-Driver ID, a parent / guardian will need to fill out a form (MV-45) provided at the DMV office that will verify your identity. This form must be signed at the DMV office. The parent / guardian must also present 6 "points" of proof of their identity (see: ID-44 form). The applicant will also need to provide proof of date of birth and Social Security card.

For age 16 and under seeking a Non-Driver ID, a parent / guardian can apply for a Non-Driver ID for their child. The parent / guardian must complete a form (MV-45) from the DMV and provide their child's Social Security card and proof of date of birth.

You MUST have a photo ID in order to be employed!


Are you ready to open a bank account?! While there are many institutions to choose from and different types of accounts (checking account, savings account), the information below will provide some direction in choosing a bank or credit union and what type of account works best for you!

A Checking Account is mainly for frequent use (grocery shopping, regular purchases, paying monthly bills, etc.). 

A Savings Account is for a longer term purpose, such as a down payment for a home. 

To set up an account, you may visit any bank / credit union and speak to a representative.  Depending on which institution you select, the institution may allow you to set up an account online through their website.  Be advised that most institutions will require you to have a small amount of money (usually no more than $25.00) placed in your account in order to complete the process. There are often account types specifically for students. You also may receive a free gift for signing up!

Some of the banking institutions in Jefferson County include, but are not limited to, the following:  Northern Credit Union, Community Bank, Carthage Federal Savings & Loan, Watertown Savings Bank, AmeriCU Credit Union, SeaComm Federal Credit Union, and KeyBank. 

Many jobs will require you to sign up for direct deposit to receive your paycheck. With direct deposit, your money is sent electronically to your bank account, instead of a paper check. Signing up for direct deposit is very easy and is of no cost to you!  Also, you may receive your paycheck sooner with direct deposit than with a paper check! To register for direct deposit, you will need the Account Number from your personal bank account and the Routing Number from your banking institution. You will provide this information to your employer. 

Most, if not all, banks / credit unions now have an app that can be downloaded to your phone so you can monitor your funds and transactions. It is important to monitor your account for any suspicious activity. If you are a victim of fraud, please contact your banking institution to report!

For questions or more information on our programs, please contact:

     Amelia Worden, Youth Employment Coordinator
      Phone:  315-786-3671