Lead Poisoning Prevention

FDA Investigation of Elevated Lead Levels: Cinnamon Applesauce Pouches (11/22/23)

FDA Alert, 03/06/24: Cinnamon Products Containing Elevated Levels of Lead

Lead is a metal that can cause negative health effects.  Lead can harm a child's growth, behavior and ability to learn. It can also cause anemia, kidney damage and hearing loss.  Studies show that no amount of lead exposure is safe for children.  Lead can be found in dust (usually from old lead paint), water, soil, from certain jobs or hobbies, or other sources.   In NYS, health care providers must assess children 6 months to 6 years of age for risk of lead exposure and to determine if your child needs a lead test.  In addition, health care providers must test all children at age 1 and again at age 2 for lead poisoning.  Lead can also harm pregnant women and their developing baby.  If you are pregnant, talk to your provider about lead testing.  We offer lead screening at our office.  Call 315-786-3730 to make an appointment. 

Lead poisoning is preventable 

  • keep children away from peeling paint and/or broken plaster, and remodeling/renovation sites
  • wash children's hands often to rinse off any lead dust or dirt
  • wash child's toys often - especially teething toys
  • let cold water tap run for at least one minute before using
  • don't bring lead home from work - wash work clothes separately, take a shower after getting home
  • avoid having children play in soil around foundations of older buildings. Use a sandbox instead
  • use wet cleaning to pick up lead dust in the home
  • feed family foods that are high in iron, calcium and vitamin C

Lead Housing Assessment Referral: This program will provide education, resources and a housing assessment to identify lead paint dangers in homes owned and rented in the City of Watertown.  


      1. Home is in the City of Watertown, NY.

      2. Home is occupied at least 8 hours a day by a pregnant woman and/or children age 6 years or younger.

      3. Occupant consents to a home visit and housing assessment. 

Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Training Course

We host EPA Lead-Safe RRP Training Courses here at JCPHS provided by Flately Read, Inc. These trainings are open to homeowners, property owners/managers, contractors & their employees, etc. in Jefferson County. The course is 8 hours and offered at no-cost. Space is limited, so registration is required by calling us at 315-786-3730. For more information about RRP, please visit the EPA RRP webpage.

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